Monday 16 May 2011


After posting the fiesta wedding invite I thought it might be a good idea to put up some pictures of my own wedding invites. I've been a bit obsessed with birds for a wee while and they some how managed to sneak on here... And then proceeded to permeate the whole wedding!
This is a two piece (double sided) design that was tied together with cotton and a circle rsvp card.
I used a fiskars embossing corner punch to do the edges and make it a little more special.

I also decided to make my own envelopes (New Zealand seems to have a very limited variety of envelopes). I was hooked on the string and button styled envelopes and could only ever find them in a long skinny size or large A4. It's a good thing weddings are a one–off deal... I had very sore hands after all the punching, cutting and tying :)


  1. these are gorgeous, would to have these for my future wedding. :)
    Also welcome to the blogging world! i alreadly love your blog

    Murphy xo

  2. Thanks for your kind words Murphy :)
    I'm still getting the hang of this blogging thing...
    You really can loose hours looking through peoples lovely blogs!

  3. Kiaora Torr.

    Long time no see. You're wedding looks amazing. Love Brendon's socks haha : )

  4. Hi Dane!

    Oh thank you :) I love the socks too! We got them from rodd and gunn.
    Loving Tornadoes and Tigers... Just became a follower xx

  5. Your invites look amazing Tori! Love all the little detailing on them like the corner punch (those are such a lifesaver!). Stunning!

  6. the invites are really amazing...absolutely in love with the font - is it handwritten?

  7. Yes they are handwritten :) I try and do it as much as I can

  8. Wow - I love your map - did you do that by hand also? Incredible!

  9. Your invites are the best I have seen, not that this single girl has been searching for wedding invites, but I love seeing all the design that goes into them.

    And I've just got to say, as I've said before, I have to go to New Zealand. All the bloggers from New Zealand are some of my favorite. Love all of your style. I think I would fit in there just fine.


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