Sunday 29 January 2012


My Mum and I went for a 3 hour hike/jog through the Redwood Forest in Rotorua yesterday. It was a beautiful day and we saw all sorts of lovely scenery. Unfortunately there weren't any bunnys or deer... But we did manage to spot a little Wallaby hopping around! I'd never seen one in the wild so that was special :)
I took these photos on our hike and added these little animal illustrations. x

Friday 20 January 2012

FEIJOA WINE: part four

At long last our Feijoa wine is ready! (You can check out the process of our feijoa wine here) So I did a quick wee label to pop on our mismatched bottles. They're not typical looking labels but I've seen some really cool, unconventional ones around lately. I particularly like the Logan Wine labels by War Design which have embroidered flower patterns on them. I love it when an old trade or craft comes back into style :)

It was a lovely bubbly surprise when we first opened a bottle of our wine... Somehow it was sparkling! Apparently it's called the Malic Acid Effect and it just happens once in a blue moon to a batch. And I've got to say I hope it happens often! It was super yummy and sweet. Almost a wine crossed with a cider. Delish!

Monday 9 January 2012


Firstly... a very belated Happy New Year!!! I haven't been on the internet or my computer for over two weeks! It has been both freeing and terrifying at the same time :) It's amazing how dependent we become on technology. It's a real love hate relationship for me.
Anyway, I've had a nice break away. We went camping and it was practically torrential wind and rain the whole time! But I enjoyed myself regardless. We had one afternoon of sunshine and I somehow managed to get burnt... Which happens to be very unusual for me. But thank goodness for aloe vera and Lucas' Pawpaw Ointment!

This shirt dress is one that I altered from an XXL tshirt that I found. I've always wanted a shirt with a wolf on it... especially inspired by Devon Smiths print.