Thursday 21 March 2013


I have been extremely slack with the blog posts this year! I have so many things sitting on my computer waiting for me to post. But – for the most part – they are sitting there because I have been so busy doing things that I haven't had time to share. And in my books, that makes it ok :)
But I digress... I wanted to share this family portrait that will [hopefully] be the first of many. One of my goals for 2013 was to explore watercolour and illustration further and I thought that this might be a good way to do it. And what better subjects to start with than my brother and sister in-law and their beautiful family! The likeness isn't quite there yet but hey, that's why I'm doing this project. Any tips and tricks are welcome!

Tuesday 12 March 2013


It has been two years today that I married my best friend Brendon! My how time flies! We celebrated up north in Kerikeri on the Takou River in a little cabin called the Magic Cottage... And it really lived up to it's name. It was such a romantic spot and the perfect place to celebrate our anniversary. If you're ever in the Bay of Islands I would highly recommend staying here.

We explored all around the area and had a kayaking adventure down the river all the way to the beach. We even went on a little night walk to see the gloworms. It was an unrivaled weekend... bring on Year Three!