Tuesday, 15 May 2012


I have been getting a little snap happy with my Fuji Instax camera lately. I have a big pile of them sitting on my desk, not really knowing what to do with them all. So as a bit of a salute to the darkroom I decided to use string and pegs to display them. This is super quick and simple to do. I had mine up on the wall in 10 minutes. This is great for me as I change out the photos so they always have different ones displayed.

You will need: Fabric, wall hooks (I used 3M decorating clips which I like because they wont leave a mark on your wall), mini wooden pegs, string or twine, masking tape, fabric scissors or pinking shears and photos or artwork you want to display.

1. Attach your hooks to the wall using the packet directions. Tie your string to your hooks. Make sure there is a little slack in the string, but not too much as the weight of the photos and pegs will make it sag.

2. Cut a rectangle shape from your fabric. I cut mine to approx 240mm x 170mm.
3. Fold the longest sides into the middle.
4. Fold the top and bottom into the middle.
5. Turn the fabric over.
6. Sinch the middle of the fabric with your fingers to create a bow shape.
7. Use your masking tape to wrap around the middle to secure the bow in place. (I used masking tape as it was the same colour as my fabric and because I was being lazy! Of course you could use your fabric to wrap around an make a proper bow).
8. Make sure the masking tape ends at the back of the bow. You may have to play around with the sides a little to get it to look just right.
9. Turn the bow over and make sure all the edges of the fabric are tucked in so you wont see it from the front.
10. Attach your bow on top of your hooks to hide them from view. I used a double sided foam tape, but you can use any adhesive that you have handy.
11. Line your pegs along the string.
12. Attach you photos! And volia! You're done.


  1. very pretty, shows off ur fab pics so well.

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  3. simple but cute.. more DIY hehehe =)

  4. Such a beautiful idea, I love the bows either side.


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