Sunday 21 August 2011


Wow, I just realised that it's been a while since my last post! It's been a busy couple of weeks. I've been doing a few things around the house and these snaps are of our 'prototype' wedding photo for our lounge. (Sorry they're a bit grainy, but you get the idea!) It was a bit of a test to see if it would work: putting one big photo in a bunch of different frames. I'm not 100% happy with it yet... I'm wondering if I should try using a different photo. What do you think?

These poplar trees are Brendons favourite and we were stoked when we discovered some while having photos on our wedding day. You can check out more of our wedding photos here :)

Monday 8 August 2011


I bought this sweet notebook from Rox a couple of weeks ago. It's by a Chinese company called Jiukoushan Studio and I'm just loving the brown "mail paper" pages. I've been using my trusty Staedtler fineliner, a white gel pen and a pencil. I like the effect you can get from such a basic combination of colour... or lackthereof. Here are scans of the first three pages I've sketched so far.

I also ordered Devon Smith's first zine on etsy, which is made up of "potentially embarrassing drawings of people who i see and think are cute and special." I can't wait to get it!

Much love x

Monday 1 August 2011


One item in my closet that's getting a lot of wear at the moment is this sienna shirt-dress. Love the combination of different fabrics, with the bottom half of the shirt in a semi-sheer material. I'm also loving button up collars and over-the-knee socks :)

Shirtdress : Glassons                    Fob Watch : Lovisa                    Shoes : Rivers