Sunday 19 August 2012


This, my friends, is where I spend a lot of my time (when I'm not at work that is). My home office is a busy little station full of little nick knacks and crafts that I use frequently. It's an eclectic mess but I know just where everything is!

This microwave (above) is one of my favourite things... As odd as it sounds! It was our family microwave when I was growing up. It's really old and was just waiting to throw in the towel, so when it did, I ripped off the door and it's now a handy little shelf for my books. The clock on it still works too when I plug it in. Reduse, reuse, recycle!

What do your home offices look like?
On another note, head on over to Rustique Wedding Designs, the lovely Casey was kind enough to feature our wedding :) There is some seriously cool stuff there is you want to get inspired! xx


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