Thursday, 15 March 2012


Brendon and I celebrated our first anniversary this week. It felt a bit paradoxical, like "Oh, has it been a year already" as well as feeling like we've been married for a lifetime. Time is a funny thing sometimes :)
We went on a bit of a road trip to Hawkes Bay over the weekend. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get any photos of a hawk but it was definitely true to its name. I saw five or six fly overhead during our stay.
After having a yummy lunch in Napier, New Zealands art deco city, we drove up to Te Mata Peak which has the most AMAZING views. I could have stayed up there all day.
In the photo below you can see Craggy Range Winery, one of many in the area.

We stayed at the sweetest wee villa. So lovely to have the whole place to ourselves. The property is called Cape South and it has three different villas you can stay in. We stayed in the little two person villa called "the Hut". It has it's own private spa pool which we had a dip in as the sun was coming up in the morning. There were even little bunnies hopping around on the grass!

Two Happy Hearts had the greatest idea and I've pinched it... I hope you don't mind Christen! My hubby proposed to me with a book that he had written and it has lots of extra pages in the back and I thought a photo for every year we've been married could go in there.
Wouldn't that be great to look back on when we're old and grey??


  1. What a beautiful post. Happy Anniversary!

  2. Aww that's so sweet!!! I love that you picked up that tradition as well. Your 'year one' illustration is beautiful!

    And that villa looks so perfect. A personal spa out front?! Dreamworld.


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