Wednesday 21 December 2011


I had been wanting to do a Rob Ryan styled vinyl for a while and when I was asked to help out with some Christmas decorations at my local church I thought it would be the perfect opportunity! I drew out the nativity scene on paper with a black ink pen which I scanned into my computer. I then vectorised it in Illustrator and sent it to the vinyl cutter (I wish I had my own!)
They light it up at night and it looks quite cool on the street. Hooray for Christmas spirit :)


  1. this is incredible! great job!

  2. Wow--this is gorgeous. I especially love Mary holding up her baby with such joy. Your church is blessed to have you.


  3. This is so cool! makes me want to go to your church just to come see it :)

  4. Awesome work! This is very beautiful and motivated to us.

  5. Hi Tori, Love the design! I'm keen to print a copy of this for my front window - would it be possible to get a soft copy of the image? Happy to chat paying you for your work. In Christ, Emily


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