Monday 5 September 2011

INSPIRED BY: mister rob ryan

I think we can all agree that Rob Ryan is AMAZING. His paper cut are so beautiful and whimsical... I want them all! But for now I'm going to have to settle for his I Walked And I Thought tape that I just ordered from his etsy store. Eekkk I can't wait for it to arrive!

These are some of my favourite works of his... Yup, there's a lot. Next on my ever increasing wishlist is one of is books. I'm thinking I'll get This Is For You.


  1. You have a wonderful blog over here —and yes, his work is breathtaking!
    Off to wander through your posts!

    - Ana

  2. Your blog is so lovely! Particularly liking your illustrations.

    I would like to would I go about that?


  3. Hi Diana :)
    You can follow me on blogger or I've just popped a subscribe gadget up. Thanks for your comments and interest!
    T x

  4. Mr.Rob Ryan is my favorite! :)


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