Monday, 17 September 2012


The weekend just gone was pretty great. I got to see my cousin from Australia who surprised us all with an unexpected visit, so a bunch of us cuzies had a nice wee hang out at Tyler St Garage to catch up. I had a yummy brunch at Shaky Isles and two visits to Toro Churro. I also got to meet my brothers girlfriend over a handful of Dunkin Donuts. I'm getting a bit concerned that my happiness is directly linked to eating! So, in order to burn off all that sugar my hubby and I are off to the snow this weekend and Brendon is going to (attempt) to teach me to snowboard. Wish me luck! In preparation for the snow I've added this polar bear to my Little Brown Notebook. Do you prefer the original or the coloured version?


  1. Yay snowboarding! You can come visit next winter and I can have a girl to ride with! (I am still pretty average...) xx

  2. I like the colored one :D but i also love how the white pops out in the original.

  3. I will certainly visit your blog more often.
    ugly girls


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