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Saturday, 1 February 2014


For Christmas last year (Yes, it's February already... I'm playing catch up!) I decided to make a gift for my brother. Growing up our family used to have a Games Night every Wednesday. It was a tradition that my parents started and my brother and I have been looking back on it quite nostalgically lately. One of our favourite games was Guess Who, so for his present I decided to craft him a custom-made version.

We played it together on Christmas morning and it morphed into more abstract version of Guess Who where questions turned from "does your person have brown hair?" into "is your person in a band?" and "does your person drink craft beer?". Given the ridiculous questions, it was amazing how many times we managed to guess the correct character.

Sunday, 6 October 2013


In my previous post I shared some photos of the glass vials I used to put in our herbs and spices. I wanted my tea, coffee and condiments to match as they would be on the same shelf, but instead of clear stickers I used vinyl that had been cut on a plotting machine. In the above pics I've shown how you apply this with masking/application tape. Overall I'm pretty happy with how they turned out and I just love the white Dane Canisters from Freedom.

Monday, 16 September 2013


My lovely husband has built me some rimu shelves in our kitchen (photos to come) and I didnt want to ruin them by putting our mishmashed herbs, coffee, tea and oils on it. So I decided I would customise our condiments so they would look like a set. I started first with our herbs and spices. I wrote out all the herbs and scanned them into my computer which I then got the printers to print on a clear sticker. I purchased some glass vials with cork lids from etsy and applied my labels. This method looked better on the spices as they were lighter colours. Unfortunately the herbs were a bit dark for the black writing to be seen clearly, but I can still read them so it will have to do!

“Lara walked along the tracks following a path worn by pilgrims and then turned into the fields. Here she stopped and, closing her eyes, took a deep breath of the flower-scented air of the broad expanse around her. It was dearer to her than her kin, better than a lover, wiser than a book. For a moment she rediscovered the purpose of her life. She was here on earth to grasp the meaning of its wild enchantment and to call each thing by its right name, or, if this were not within her power, to give birth out of love for life to successors who would do it in her place.”

– Boris Pasternak

Sunday, 5 May 2013


It seems that lately I have been on am unintentional blog hiatus. When I opened up these photos I realised that they were taken in February! I don't know what it is about this year but it is May already and I feel like I'm playing catch up. Plus, Brendon and I have bought our first house!! Eeeee! We get to move in at the end of May so I can't promise any more posts between now and then either! Uhhh I'm such a slack blogger.
Anyway... This little project was devised from a need for a case for my external hard drive. My drive is quite compact and I often carry it around in my handbag, but it needed a little protection in case I dropped it and to guard it from the scissors that are often in my bag too. (Yup my bag is basically a giant pencil case). I decided to make a drawstring bag similar to the favour bags that I made for our wedding – only a bit larger and lined with bubble wrap.

You'll need: Fabric, bubble wrap (or something thickish and soft), sewing machine/needle and thread, ribbon or string and fabric paint or pen.

First I measured how big my bag needed to be to fit the hard drive inside it (I wanted it to be quite snug). Then I folded down the top edge of the fabric twice – first a small fold and then a larger one where my draw string would eventually thread. Then I did a little snip just under the folded fabric. I unrolled the fabric, tucked in the sides about the snip and then folded the fabric back down on both sides. Then I added the bubble wrap.

Sew down the sides where the draw string will go (before it's rolled down) and then fold it down again. Sew along the bottom of the draw string fold making sure you don't sew the bag closed shut. Flip over and repeat. Stitch the side of your bag and turn inside out. Thread your string or ribbon through one side of the bag and then trough the other (as pictured above). Then repeat with another piece of string on the opposite side. Tie a knot nice and close to the bag.
Ta da! You have a simple draw string bag.

I wanted to make my bag a bit more exciting, so I cut out a circle from some calico and wrote on it. The spotty black and white fabric that I used reminded my of stars and I couldn't help but use the lyrics from Coldplay's Yellow. I stitched the medallion onto my bag with the same twine that I used for the draw string which, I must admit, was a bit of a challenge! But I was pretty happy with the final outcome.

Wish me luck with packing! I will need a LOT of boxes to move all my stuff!! :s

Friday, 30 November 2012


My hubby has been asking for a whiteboard the last few weeks so we can keep track of all the things that are going on and when bills are due! I suppose it's a bit of a house staple... I'm surprised it's taken us this long to get one. But, naturally, I could find any that I liked. So here is what I did:

Materials: A frame that you like, a cheap whiteboard, tin snips, masking tape and something to attach it to the wall. I used trusty 3M velcro strips.
Optional: paint, paintbrush artwork, tape, double sided tape and magnets.

1. Pull apart your whiteboard. It should (some whiteboards may be different) have a thin whiteboard aluminum sheet with a thick cardboard backing.

2. Turn the sheet over and mark out the shape of your frame. My frame used to be a mirror so I traced around that.

3. Use the tin snips the cut out the shape.

4. Do the same with the cardboard backing.

5. Make sure it fits snugly in your frame.

6. If you don't like the colour of your frame, paint it. You may or may not have noticed that I have a slight obsession with mint at the moment... So I painted my gold frame mint.

7. Once your paint is dry, put the whiteboard and backing into your frame and secure it. I used masking tape.

8. My little $12 whiteboard came with plain clear magnets and I wanted to make them a bit more special. So I printed out the animal faces that I used on my DIY Christmas Decorations. I put clear tape over top so they would be a little waterproof and double sided tape on the back. Then I stuck them to the magnets. Easy!

9. I also painted a little "note to self" up the top in the same colour that I painted the frame.

10. Apply the 3M strips, hooks or string.

11. Fasten it to the wall.

We put ours in the kitchen so we'll see it all the time... We spend a lot of time in there! Haha. Happy crafting :)

Monday, 12 November 2012


Having an old Singer sewing machine in my lounge has been a good reminder to bust out my 'actual' sewing machine. I am dreaming of the day when I have room to have it set up permanently. But until then, it has to stay stored away in the cupboard... where I sometimes forget about it! I am an extremely AMATEUR sewer. I only know the basics and I just make it up as I go along... I'm in desperate need of a lesson. So these wee pillows are nice and easy.

You'll need: A pillow inner, fabric, a sewing machine or needle and thread, pinking shears, pins, cardboard and fabric paint.

1. Place your fabric face-down and put your pillow inner on top. Fold the fabic up to the half way mark on the inner. Fold back an extra 80mm or so of the fabric.

2. Fold the rest of the fabric over the inner. Make sure there is a decent amount of overlap as this is where you get your inner in and out of the pillow case. Fold back the excess fabric like you did in step one.

3. Pin the fabric so that the inner is nice and snug within the pillow case. Take out the inner.

4. Sew (or stitch) where you have pinned. Once done it will look like the above picture. Trim the excess.

5. Fold the pillow case inside out. Volia! You now have a pillow case... But now for the fun part!

6. Slide some cardboard into your pillow case. This is so the fabric paint doesn't leek through to the back of your pillow case.

7. Paint until your heart is content!

8. Once the paint is touch dry put a sheet of baking paper over your design and iron the pillow case. Put your pillow inner back in and your done!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012


This little project was born out of never being able to find my rings! They didn't have a home so I thought it was about time I made them one. I may just need to do a series on them along the wall :)

If you're wanting to make one of these you'll need:
A small sheet of foam/rubber, an embroidery hoop, fabric, spray adhesive, a craft knife, pencil, needle and thread and... rings!

1. Start by tracing around the inside of the inner embroidery hoop on to your foam/rubber.
2. Use this line as a guide to cut out your circle.
3. Put your foam/rubber circle into the inner hoop and add your fabric over top.
4. Cut your fabric, making sure there is enough material to be able to secure it at the back.
5. With a pencil, trace out what you would like to stitch onto your hoop.
6. Get stitching!

7. Spray the back of your fabric with spray adhesive. Don't be shy here, if it doesn't stick to the foam/rubber very well then it will deteriorate when you take your rings in and out.
8. Attach your fabric to your embroidery hoop and make sure everything is tucked in at the back.
9. Mark out where you want to insert your ings.
10. Use a craft knife to cut slices where you have marked.
11. Add your rings and attach to your wall :)

Tuesday, 15 May 2012


I have been getting a little snap happy with my Fuji Instax camera lately. I have a big pile of them sitting on my desk, not really knowing what to do with them all. So as a bit of a salute to the darkroom I decided to use string and pegs to display them. This is super quick and simple to do. I had mine up on the wall in 10 minutes. This is great for me as I change out the photos so they always have different ones displayed.

You will need: Fabric, wall hooks (I used 3M decorating clips which I like because they wont leave a mark on your wall), mini wooden pegs, string or twine, masking tape, fabric scissors or pinking shears and photos or artwork you want to display.

1. Attach your hooks to the wall using the packet directions. Tie your string to your hooks. Make sure there is a little slack in the string, but not too much as the weight of the photos and pegs will make it sag.

2. Cut a rectangle shape from your fabric. I cut mine to approx 240mm x 170mm.
3. Fold the longest sides into the middle.
4. Fold the top and bottom into the middle.
5. Turn the fabric over.
6. Sinch the middle of the fabric with your fingers to create a bow shape.
7. Use your masking tape to wrap around the middle to secure the bow in place. (I used masking tape as it was the same colour as my fabric and because I was being lazy! Of course you could use your fabric to wrap around an make a proper bow).
8. Make sure the masking tape ends at the back of the bow. You may have to play around with the sides a little to get it to look just right.
9. Turn the bow over and make sure all the edges of the fabric are tucked in so you wont see it from the front.
10. Attach your bow on top of your hooks to hide them from view. I used a double sided foam tape, but you can use any adhesive that you have handy.
11. Line your pegs along the string.
12. Attach you photos! And volia! You're done.

Friday, 20 January 2012

FEIJOA WINE: part four

At long last our Feijoa wine is ready! (You can check out the process of our feijoa wine here) So I did a quick wee label to pop on our mismatched bottles. They're not typical looking labels but I've seen some really cool, unconventional ones around lately. I particularly like the Logan Wine labels by War Design which have embroidered flower patterns on them. I love it when an old trade or craft comes back into style :)

It was a lovely bubbly surprise when we first opened a bottle of our wine... Somehow it was sparkling! Apparently it's called the Malic Acid Effect and it just happens once in a blue moon to a batch. And I've got to say I hope it happens often! It was super yummy and sweet. Almost a wine crossed with a cider. Delish!

In other news I've been a bit obsessed with putting little succulent flowers in through a braid in my hair. They're great because they last longer than other flowers and don't end up looking all droopy in your hair :)

Monday, 28 November 2011


This is the first Christmas that Brendon and I will spend together as a married couple... And it's also the first year we're having the family get together at our place! So I'm especially excited for all the festivities. I decided that I wanted to make a unique tree with handmade decorations that suit us and our wee house. They're not exactly the typical Christmas look but I'm quite fond of how they turned out :)

You'll need:
Some paper to rip up to papier-maché with, glue (I find wheat-based adhesive best for this type of project), plain baubles or polystyrene balls, masking tape, cotton/string, pens and paint.

If your bauble doesn't already have string attached you can make a loop with your cotton and secure it with masking tape. Then rip up your paper and cover the entire ball. I used an old text book that was gathering dust in my garage. Then use a pen or paint to do illustrations and text. I also found some spotty feathers that I added with a button on top to hide the join. And voila! Easy peasy.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


I love that embroidery hoops have become popular wall hangings over the last few years. The possibilities are endless with them! I decided to make a set of pinboards in our little entrance way. It was a great way for me to add a splash of colour as I tend to get stuck in a black/cream/wooden colour scheme around the house.

I cut circles out of softboard to fit in the hoops and covered it with fabric. It's as simple as that! You could also use sheets of corkboard with some polystyrene behind it. I've been adding little printouts of artwork I like and notes with the typewritter.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

FEIJOA WINE: part three

Well it's been a while since my last feijoa wine update. But at last... We have taken the wine out of the demijohn and bottled it! We were actually a bit naughty and probably left in there longer than usual. 
But it was looking lovely and clear when we syphoned it into the bottles.

And of course we had a cheeky taste before the wine made it to the bottles! Yum! We used an assortment of different bottles we had collected over the last few months. I love that they are all mismatched shapes, sizes and colours. Now for the fun part... Making labels!

Thursday, 28 July 2011


I saw this photo the other day and fell in love with the wallpaper... I wish I knew where it was from! And because my handbag has slowly been converting into a giant pencil-case (I actually found three hole punches, a craft knife and two gluesticks in it the other day!) I decided to make a pencil-case out of fabric inspired by the wallpaper.

So I got some calico and painted tiny little triangles all over it with fabric paint and then set it with the iron. I turned my fabric inside out and zipped along the sides with the sewing machine. Then I (attempted) to stitch on two little arrows in the bottom corner.

I ended up making quite a mess! I'm a newbie when it comes to sewing so I had lots of hot cups of coffee to get me through the frustration :) After much quick-un-picking and clamping I ended up with this...

Loving this teal colour at the moment.

PS. the lovely Soné from polliblog invited me to share a post on her blog. Be sure to check it out :)

Hope you are having a lovely day xx

Friday, 3 June 2011

FEIJOA WINE: part two

After letting our brew hang in the bucket we got to put it into the demijohn (or carboy). To start off there was a ton of sediment floating around in it! After a week we drained it into a pot and caught all the feijoa bits in a cheese cloth, then put it back into the demijohn.

Each week we syphon out the liquid and get rid of the sediment that has gathered at the bottom. Each week it gets clearer and clearer! It's already tasting yummy, really sweet but still quite strong...
Still a long way to go yet.

Check out part one of our feijoa process HERE if you haven't seen it yet :)

Have a lovely long Queens birthday weekend if you're in New Zealand xx