Tuesday, 24 April 2012


I couldn't help but share a post featuring my new favourite Max jeans! They have become a bit of a go-to as the weather has started to cool down. Mornings and evenings have been very crisp indeed but at least we are have lovely sunny days once the chill lifts. This lovely spot is up in Whangarei where Brendon and I went to a wedding recently. What a beautiful country we live in.
As well as my leopard jeans I've been loving a fishtail braid. My hair is still a wee bit short and I've been willing it to grow faster, but alas, the more I want it to grow the slower it seems to go... Such is life!
On another note, I've been getting quite a few requests for our feijoa wine recipe (our tree is just starting to drop its tasty fruit!) and I promise I will share it with you all... Once I dig it out of the cupboard along with all our other wine making supplies :)

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