Tuesday 7 June 2011


Soo.... I thought I'd do one last post about my wedding... It's the last I promise!
For our Order of Service I really wanted to do something a little different. I like little details, things that are a bit unexpected with an element of discovery. I decided to do a design that has four sides and folds inside itself three times... A little hard to describe in words! Here is a wee clip to show how it folds...

Some people got it right away, others took a while to figure it out... And some just couldn't get it at all! But fun none the less :) Plus it entertained our guests while they waited for me to arrive!

We really wanted this to be an opportunity to honour and thank our families and bridal party. It was also a good way to "introduce" our bridal party to guests who didn't know them. We also included photos of our parents on their wedding day! They're too cute :)
See the matching invites HERE


  1. Oh I love this design! And I also love your choice of music for the service, go the Temper Trap haha.
    Your work is amazing!! xx

  2. Hi Tori!

    Have been directed to your blog to check out all the amazing work you did on your wedding! and - Wow!! - I bet the boy felt like he had won the lotto by marrying you! ;) *hot!!

    I love your order of service (and the main reason I am here) ... I want to do something similiar but am unable to find a die cut - and struggling to explain to a printer how this actually fits together... are you able to help here?? :) xo

  3. Aww thanks Skylarker (hehe great name)
    I didn't use any die cut... Because all the cuts are vertical and horizontal I just did them myself... Mind you, it took me ages to do them all! You shouldn't have to explain anything to your printer as it's basically just a double sided flier.
    T xx

  4. so cute!! i love what you have done, the pics of your parents are a sweet idea!

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  6. Do you have any instructions on how to make the cuts/folds?


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